The Two Way Street

Giving is always a two way street:  The recipient(s) benefit and, often, the giver feels a connection has been completed. We believe that is especially true when the gift is one that is made by hand. For a number of years now, Knitty City has been fortunate enough to have a chapter of "Care to Knit" meet at the store once a month. A devoted group, it has had dedicated coordinators since its inception. The group is faithful in attendance, and comprised of a variety of knitters. This year, we received a new coordinator, Carol Drucker. The group has expanded and it is not uncommon to see a big crowd of like-minded people gathered round the front table.  We thought it was high time to find out more about Care to Knit and our newest coordinator.

Carol Drucker & Family

Carol Drucker & Family

Carol and her family recently moved to the UWS from Long Island. Her two sons are in college and it just made sense to leave suburban life and "come to town".  Her involvement with work that benefits others is something that she enjoys and is reflective of her attitude in life. A little research on Care to Knit groups in Manhattan brought her to Knitty City, and her request to join and coordinate the group was happily accepted. She had taught herself to knit via u-Tube after receiving one lesson. Its portability and the resultant useful product came together and suited her desire to create.

Carol's generosity was evident in our conversation. First she credited the philosophy of the store for creating an atmosphere in which sharing is emphasized. She also spoke of her respect for the group into which she was welcomed. "We have great diversity and a fun range of ages, from grandmothers to a 9 year old." 

The group has grown in size recently and Carol thinks it's due to good word-of-mouth. They meet on the third Thursday of every month (next up: April 20) from 6:30-8:00 PM. They change the beneficiary of their knitted projects regularly, with the group voting on likely recipients. Recently, they contributed to Samaritan Village, an organization dedicated to doing "good" for New Yorkers in need. March was devoted to Hospice of New York. Donations take the form of finished goods, such as blankets, hats, scarves, and are given directly to the people who need them.

Many knitters will tell you that there is a lot of communal pleasure derived from knitting in a group. Regular show-and-tell sessions allow the Care to Knit Group to share their projects and learn from others. It's the embodiment of community.

in addition to her involvement with Knitty City and the Care to Knit Group, Carol has also found great satisfaction in her volunteer work with JINSPIRE,  a grassroots organization that seeks to promote Jewish identity through inspirational, educational, and social programs.

For further information about Knitty City's "Care to Knit" group, contact Carol at The date (third Thursday of every month) is always posted on our monthly calendar. Drop-ins are welcome, as are donations of finished projects. Contributions of knitted or crocheted items can be left at the store, addressed to Carol Drucker.