Dutch Crochet Artist Ellen Deckers aka Pollevie

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New York City is an energetic and bustling city and we are so lucky to attract visitors from all over the world. We never know who walks into our store or where people are visiting from, it’s always fun to meet interesting yarn lovers.

Last February, a very colorful lady walked into our store wearing a gorgeous crochet shawl and she was carrying an equally beautiful bag. She stopped us in our tracks and we were immediately interested in this colorful lady. We wanted to know who she was, where she was from and we wanted to learn more about her gorgeous crochet items.

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Who is Pollevie?

The woman behind the popular crochet brand “Pollevie“ is Ellen Deckers who is from Holland and lives in the city of Roelofsarendveen. She is a full time crochet artist, full time mom, a Kindergarten teacher and lover of color and yarn.

Being creative has always been a part of her life passed down to her by her mother. Ellen remembers: “My mother is very creative and made a lot of things herself. She was always busy making something. She made clothes for my dolls, cuddly toys and also a wooden playhouse. She also taught groups of ladies how to sew, embroider, felt and weaving. And yes, it’s my mom who taught me how to crochet!

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When asked about whether she knows how to knit, Ellen replies: “I tried knitting but I have a hard time controlling the needles. And it’s so difficult to fix mistakes. There are at times so many stitches to deal with. Crochet comes natural to me, crochet is my language.“

Ellen started to crochet wraps and adorn it with flowers and soon enough people asked her if she sells them. “At first I would only make items for family and friends. More and more people got interested, I couldn’t keep up with the demand. Nowadays I sell items on my Etsy store and my pieces have been sold to people from all over the world.

People also started to contact me about patterns. My style is “free style crochet” which means I am not working according to a fixed pattern. So it was rather difficult to write it up. But one day, I sat down for a weekend and wrote instructions. It became a tutorial on how to make your own wrap and how to decorate to your own taste.”

Being popular on Social Media

Ellen amassed a huge following on Social Meida. On her Instagram account called @Polle_Vie she has a whopping following of 49K followers. Also, her Etsy Shop named Pollevie is incredibly popular. We ask her about how she achieved being this popular.

“The key is to care for your customers and to give them loving attention. I sell my tutorials on Etsy and when ever somebody has a question, I will immediately answer them. When my followers on Instagram leave me a message, I will always respond to them and thank them for their kind words. I care very much for my customers and followers. They love my work and I am thankful for them.“

It also helps that Ellen has beautiful and inspiring images on her Social Media handles. Each picture is more colorful than the next, truly an explosion of colors and immense creativity!

Yarn enthusiast and lover of color

We can safely conclude that Ellen loves yarn and color. “I always have colorful yarn with me because I am always crocheting. The more colorful the world, the better! I also have a love for polka dots. In my house, the hallway is decorated red with white polkadots. I always feel happy when I open the door to my house. I can best describe my house as “the house of Pipi Longstocking“. People who visit me for the first time tell me it looks like a museum with so many things to look at and an explosion of color. A wave of warmth and cheerfulness awaits you!

Teaching workshops in many countries

Ellen loves to give workshops and has taught in Denmark, England and also in the USA.

“I love teaching workshops, it’s super fun! My students are eager to learn how to crochet beautiful wraps and they bring their own expertise to the workshop. I teach about use of color, certain combinations and patterns. During my workshops you first design your own wrap roughly on paper. Or some students already come prepared with an idea. Others are inspired by my own designs and samples that I show them. They can try on the wraps, take pictures and work from there.“

Knitty City is delighted to announce that Ellen will be teaching two workshops at our store on Saturday October 13 and 20. Please go to the Pollevie website for more information and to sign up: crochetshawl.com.

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Pollevie is coming to NYC in October

You will have a chance to meet Ellen in person this coming October at Knitty City. She will be teaching a workshop on October 13 and October 20. Go to her website for more info and to sign up: crochetshawl.com.

We are so excited for Ellen to be at our store! She is so much fun and we are sure that you will enjoy being around her and getting to know her better.

Find Pollevie on Instagram: @Polle_vie

Website: crochetshawl.com

Etsy: Pollevie

Facebook: Pollevie, crochetshawl, omslagdoeken.nl

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