Remember the ZickZack Scarf?

This blog post  is a follow up to one done a few weeks back, "A Tale of Two Scarves." 

It all began when Jane Martin, a Knitty City team member, gifted teacher, designer, and artist, fell in love with a scarf project that Diane Scheinman, a colleague and fellow artist, made. On a previous blog, Jane explained how she created a new version for her daughter-in-law:  

"As soon as I saw Diane’s swatch for the ZickZack scarf using Lang Mille Colori Baby, I couldn’t wait to make one. I put aside the 5 million other projects I was working on and immediately started and finished the scarf. It seems to make no difference what colorways are used or even what yarns are used; this pattern works with everything!"

"I wanted to make the scarf for my daughter-in-law, but ran into a major problem: she’s allergic to wool. One Monday I arrived at Knitty City and on the shelf was a new Berroco yarn: Folio Color. The colorways are beautiful and the hand is amazing. What surprised me was that the yarn was 65% alpaca and 35% rayon: No wool! The only hesitation I had about using it is that the colors were muted and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get the same effect as Diane did with the Lang yarn. I then discovered that Folio also came in solids. Jenny had the color card and I asked her to order some solids that we thought would pair well with those we had in stock. My son selected the color and when the solids arrived, Jenny helped me select the perfect match."

Jane went on to show us the yarn, and the eventual scarf that was successfully made and given to her daughter in-law. It was a lovely gift, don't you think? 

Since this posting was called "A Tale of Two Scarves" (with an apologetic nod to Dickens and Madame Defarge) we thought you would like to see the original scarf that prompted all of this.  So we asked Diane Scheinman, the aforementioned colleague, to show us her version of the scarfand the story behind it. Here goes:

"I discovered the free-to-all ZickZack pattern while yarn crawling out-of-state. I loved it's 'Missoni-like' appearance and couldn't wait to start a scarf. We carried the Lang "Mille Colori Baby" yarn at the store. The pattern was easy so I knitted a swatch and brought it into the shop. Then I started my scarf, and began to show it to customers. The response was immediate. The customers loved the look of the colorful chevrons and some began their own versions. Some used the Lang yarn colorways and others drew from their stashes or selected multi-colored yarns from different manufacturers. A number of customers brought their projects into the shop, and showed us what they had created. We all enjoyed the show and tell. This inspired other customers who began their own projects. It's been a lot of fun to see everyone's work. Many people have knitted multiple versions."

"I'm now at work on a "Mille Colori Baby" sweater. It will have chevron fronts, and a solid-color garter stitch back. I'm knitting it in Berroco's Folio, thanks to Jane's discovery of its' delightful properties. Sleeves? Maybe..."

"In the meantime, here's a shot of my scarf."

If there's interest in a KAL involving this pattern, you can email us here at Knitty City and we'll put it on the fall agenda. If you have a ZickZack creation of your own, let us know and we'll put it in our gallery. Just send pictures to We'd love to see what you made. Here's a shot of one taken at Bryant Park Knits a few Tuesdays back. Those scarves are popping up everywhere!

Knit during Bryant Park Knits '16