Kristy Glass Knits

Off to her latest video adventure with New York City as her playground, Kristy Glass takes social media by storm with her positive energy. Kristy knits, loves yarn, and writes about it on her blog. Fun photos and witty comments will definitely make you want to follow her on Instagram, but what really makes Kristy extra special is her fantastic YouTube channel "Kristy Glass Knits."

Kristy entertains her audience with her latest knitting projects, yarn hauls, and reviews. As an active part of the fiber community, she is known to yarn bomb New York City, attend major yarn and knitting events, and spotlight prolific players in our industry. 

She has interviewed designers Kristin Kapur, Lars Rains, Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne, and Kathleen Dames, just to name a few. 

With her enormous enthusiasm, Kristy also highlights the most important members of our industry: YOU - the knitters, crocheters, and yarn lovers! Kristy spent some of her time at Rhinebeck 2016 running around with her camera asking other enthusiasts to tell her about their Rhinebeck Sweater. This fun video received over 11k views!

With over 4k followers on Instagram and nearing 5k subscribers on her YouTube channel, Kristy is showing us that she is here to stay and growing more and more popular every single day. 

Staying connected with her followers, Kristy can be found on social media daily, always updating her channels and chatting away. Here at Knitty City, we think that Kristy is doing an awesome job and we want to host an opportunity for her followers to connect with her IN REAL LIFE!

KristyGlass - 5.jpg

This coming Thursday, June 1st, Kristy will be giving a presentation at Knitty City from 6-8pm.

We are super excited about this as we now get a chance to know the woman behind all these wonderful videos. If you have enjoyed Kristy's work and always wanted to meet her now is your chance!

Kristy will tell us a bit about herself, why she started her YouTube channel, and much more. She will bring samples of her favorite projects and you will be able to chat with her about all the good stuff we as knitters and crocheters love so much.

We hope to see you June 1st from 6-8pm!

YouTube: Kristy Glass Knits
Ravelry: kristyglass
Instagram: kristyglassknits