Why We Do It!

A few weeks back, we requested that our friends and customers let us know the stories behind their love of making things. Since there's no place like home, we decided to start the ball rolling by asking some of our team to share with us what motivates them in their craft endeavors. For some, it's the people, for others it's the teaching or sharing with others and, for many of us, it's the exhilaration that comes from making something unique. Following you'll find a story from a member of the Knitty City team. If it inspires you to share your story with us, so much the better. I know that Pearl will be happy to receive them at pearl@knittycitynyc.com.


These days you will find Melissa in the store, often before opening.  Melissa is knowledgeable in spirit, knows and appreciates good yarns - especially hand-dyed ones. She was a big part of our founding days and has seen the store grow and transition over the past 11 years. A life-long New Yorker and committed knitter,  she possesses superior organizational skills, which is a huge asset for a yarn store. When we asked Melissa to tell us what she values about the craft world, she sent us the following anecdote. Please bear in mind that it was written when her work kept her from being in the store daily. That's changed and she's now back on a regular basis.

"Recently I was asked if I missed working at the store, while being handed a gift which was left for me. Besides what seemed like the obvious: 'Why wouldn’t I miss going to a place where I get gifts?', my immediate response was: 'I miss the amazing interactions that happen at a place like Knitty City.'

"You never know who or what might come through the door there. You can know someone from their projects, but still be amazed to learn their story when they share it."

The gift, and the story behind it, is a great example of what she values about Knitty City: "I was covering the register for a few minutes on a day that I wasn’t working. While there, I checked out a customer who was visiting from Montreal. I had started to ramble on about how I loved her city and how I missed my regular supply of yogurt seasoning from Akhavan, a terrific Middle Eastern market. She offered to pick me up a bottle and send it along to NYC. Initially I declined, as it would be asking too much of someone I barely knew. However, she insisted so I offered to give her money for it, which she declined.  Weeks later, a bottle of yogurt seasoning was being handed to me. This delicious act of kindness is a reminder to me of two things: First, knitters are awesome. Second, my desire to continue this act of kindness by doing the same - no strings attached. Thank you Judy, for making my day - and elevating my future meals."

This is just one story. We can only imagine how many more are out there. While we like to post staff stories, Pearl and the Knitty City Team are eager to hear more from you. So, send your stories, share your projects or just let us know what your own creative endeavors mean to you and send them to pearl@knittycitynyc.com