Knitty City Stories: Inga

Knitter Inga from Estonia living in NYC

Knitter Inga from Estonia living in NYC

We are very proud of our knitting and crochet community and we would love to highlight our members. At Knitty City, we often times host presentations by designers, Indie Dyers, organizations and yarn companies. We think it's time, though, to highlight our customers.

We always  post pictures on Instagram of our customers and we are so happy whenever a gorgeous project is finished. So we thought it would be fun to give you a little bit more information and tell the story of the people that make our community so special.

We would like to open our Knitty City Stories series, with knitter extraordinaire Inga Nazarenko.

Learning how to knit at a young age while growing up in Kazakhstan

Inga learned how to knit from her mother when she was 8 years old. Mom knitted clothes for dolls and Inga remembers how she wanted to knit as well. Although mom knew how to knit, she was only familiar with the basics and Inga wanted to learn more. Inga remembers the elderly ladies sitting outside and knitting and little Inga would ask them for help. In essence, this was Inga's first knitting community.

Inga remembers how in school girls learned how to cook, sew and knit. She wasn't to keen on sewing classes and what "saved" her during this time, is that she had more knowledge of knitting than her teacher.

Wearing the items that you knit

 Inga explains her style as Contemporary combined with Classics. This is what she always looks for in patterns and she wears it very well. When we ask her the question if she wears her knitted garments to work she replies:

"I used to work in labs as a scientist and you don't want to spill anything on your beautiful knitted items. Nowadays, I work in an office environment. When you meet with clients you want to look well dressed, so I when I do wear my knitted items, I tend to wear sweaters with black jeans. I can't really wear too crazy colorful items at work."

Finding Knitty City

We remember when Inga started to visit Knitty City. At first she would simply visit, browse and buy yarn. Eventually, she started to hang out and sit and knit at one of our round tables. When we ask her how she found us she replies:

"I found Knitty City just by chance. I walked by once but did not go in. The second time I walked by, I decided to go in. At first I would only browse a bit. I noticed how people were very friendly and welcoming. Then one time, when I was feeling a bit homesick, I decided to sit and knit at Knitty City. I wanted to do what I love and that is knitting. And I wanted to be with others who love to knit too."

Even though NYC is an awesome city, it is also overwhelming at times. In addition, I don't have a family in this country and it feels lonely now and then. People at Knitty City have become an amazing family substitute and a good support. I love to meet new people who share my passion for yarn and knitting and to hear their stories."

Living in NYC

On living in New York City, Inga explains:

"I have been living in NYC for 3 years now. NYC is fun and vibrant but at times it can be a bit overwhelming. I do enjoy living here, everybody seems to be from somewhere else. 

Knitting helps to relax in the hectic city, it calms me down when it gets too stressful."

Inga_Zurzilka - 8.jpg

Knitting Community

Inga used to only knit at home and was very self conscious when knitting in public. But then she found the Knitty City community!

"Connecting with the knitting community here is great. Whenever you see someone else knitting in public it gives you courage. There are people out there that love knitting as much as I do. I don't feel judged when I am among my knitting friends.

At Knitty City, I meet like minded people who love knitting and yarn as much as I do. This way, I don't feel that I am the crazy one. I am thankful for the knitting community. I am happy that there are as much crazy knitters like me out there."

Neruda Shawl by designer Natasja Hornby

Neruda Shawl by designer Natasja Hornby

We hope you like our first blogpost about one of our customers. This way you get to know them and you will get a feel of NYC. 

We think Inga always picks out the best knitting patterns and she is a great knitter. She always inspires us and we hope she inspires you too!

Find Inga on Rarely: @zurzilka.