Do You Haiku?

We do. We love it. So much so that we decided to rerun our Mother's Day Haiku Contest. Here's all you have to do to enter to win a $25.00 KC gift certificate: Go to our Facebook Page, and follow the instructions for entering. Multiple entries are encouraged! 

Thinking of Mother's Day Gifts?…/the-age-of-brass-and-steam-kerchief

Consider making your mom (or the maternal figure in your sweet life) a hand-knit gift. Nothing beats a shawl for springtime weather. Here's a real beauty and it's free on

If you're fortunate enough to have a knitter in your life - one you wish to honor - you might consider a Knitty City Gift Card. Just click here to purchase one. As all us knitting types know, nothing beats the gift of materials that satisfy our passion.

Warm Weather Knitting Tips

"Knitters in the Know" realize that knitting is a year-round art form and that it's not just about keeping warm. The spring and summer months present us with an array of options in the form of linen, cotton, silk and light weight wool blends. With that in mind, we thought we'd share a few tips to make your warm weather knitting satisfying.

We'll start with linen, which is a plant fiber and, as such, has less give then wool. Many comment on it's stiffness when they first pick it up, but the beauty of linen is revealed with the use of it. It's natural, it "breathes" and it gets better with wear (Just like us!). When working with linen, using a slightly larger needle than usual, helps keep your hands comfortable. Linen does not require "blocking" the way wool does. It improves with washing - and the machine is just fine, as is the dryer. Do wash on gentle, if possible, and allow it some time in the dryer. Pull your linen work out when slightly damp,  lay it flat and give it a gentle tug into the shape you desire. That's easy with shawls and just as easy with loose fitting garments. You'll be amazed at it's softness after that first washing.  You will find some additional tips on linen and other warm weather fibers on our Facebook page in the days to come. We'd love it if you shared your warm weather project plans and tips for knitting with us. We'll be posting on our Facebook page, to tell you more.

New In Store This Week

May/June 2016 — The 9th Annual Lace Issue:
Once again, PieceWork devotes the May/June issue to lace.

Perfect timing for a perfect time of year.


A new batch of fingering weight (as in light weight) Nooch Yarn has just arrived. Nooch is a true UWS brand. Consider this for shawl or spring time cowl projects. Also perfect for a modern day baby gift. 


JUST ARRIVED: A new shipment of Fleece Artist fiber. New colors in Mohair, Wensleydale, and Rivulet (merino/silk/linen blend). Don't forget: Mary Hayne runs a great spinning study every Sunday from 4-5pm. You don't have to be experienced to join. Just pop on by and see what you think. All are welcome!

Well that's it for the moment. Don't forget to check our calendar to see what other things are happening in April. We host weekly meet ups for a Kid's Club, Men's Knit Night, Crochet Lab and our popular Sunday Spinning Study. In addition, we have regular "Learn to Knit" classes scheduled, as well as a "Make A Hat" class. Phone the store (212-787-5896) to register or for more information. We are also conducting weaving classes, led by Mary Hayne. Please call the store and speak to her about the specifics, if interested.

You will find us in all the usual places: FacebookInstagramRavelryTwitterPinterest. Nothing beats seeing you in person, so drop by the store anytime... We look forward to seeing you.