March to Malabrigo

It's March Madness @ Knitty City as we celebrate Malabrigo. We have just received some of the new 2016 colors and we want to share this sumptuous fiber feast! We have put Malabrigo on sale for the whole (long) month of March. Each and every variety and weight we have in stock is 10% off. Come check out our many Malabrigo yarns as soon as you can. This fiber fairly flies out the door!

Come to the Final meet up for our Lopi KAL


Saturday, March 5, 2016, 4-6PM

Join us for the final round-up of the Lopi KAL this Saturday, March 5. Lars, author of Modern Lopi, will be with us to celebrate Lopi Yarn and the art of creating with it. We have copies of Modern Lopi for sale, and Lars will be happy to sign yours. Modern Lopi contains patterns tailored to today's lifestyle, celebrating bold, creative palettes. Lars Rains draws inspiration from twentieth-century music, Icelandic mythology, and mathematical concepts to craft an innovative collection that explores new and exciting possibilities for this traditional yarn. See more of his work on his Ravelry page and at

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 2.16.19 PM.jpg

Wear your Lopi Sweater (or accessory) to our final meet up and we'll give you a surprise. We're dying to see what you made, so don't forget to show up @ Knitty City this Saturday. There will be picture taking and gift giving!

March Events

Be sure to check out the round of lessons and events on our calendar. You will find classes for beginning knitters and notification of the weekly meet ups for our kid's club and men's night.  In addition, we run a special Spinner's Study every Sunday, from 4-5, and a crochet lab as well. We also have a resident sock knitting specialist on hand and she's ready, willing and happy to teach a class. If interested, call 212-787-5896 and ask for Mary Hayne. Mary, who conducts our weekly Spinning Study (Sundays,4-5P) will also be putting together a weaving event in the near future, so don't hesitate to ask her about that, as well. 

Monthly Book Club

Our next book club meeting is on Thursday, March 10, from 6-8P. 

This month's title is "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton. 

The Knitty City book club is open and welcome to all! One need not be a knitter to join - though, be warned, we may turn you into one. The only requirement is a love of reading and good company. 

Don't forget to check us out here and on Facebook, RavelryTwitter, and Pinterest. We are everywhere that nice people who love to make beautiful things tend to congregate. We hope to see you soon.