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Knitty City is excited to host a fun evening with GGmadeit on Thursday, March 1st from 6-8pm!

Gaye Glasspie, also known as GG,  is a blogger, a knitter, a self-proclaimed YarnHo and the brains behind GG has a love for "fat fibers" and all things orange. She has been knitting for less than 10 years and it quick to tell you that knitting saved her life.

GG has a huge and very loyal following on Social Media. GG cares for and nourishes her community, just as much as her community cares for and nourishes her. Over the years, she has created her Fiber Family, her Yarn Community. More than once, her Fiber Family has encouraged her to keep on doing what she is doing. 

Whenever there is some sort of Yarn Event and GG is present, she is continuously stopped. People love to walk up to her to thank her for all that she does, and to take pictures with her. The main reason why they love her so much is that GG is very open and transparent on Social Media. She is an open book for those who follow her as she shows her vulnerability. GG says: "When I go through a difficult time, knitting helps me to work through it. And my community is always there for me."

As for the color orange, GG's all-time favorite color way, she says: "It's a very happy color and it just makes you feel good." 

Q and A with GGmadeit

Who taught you how to knit? Why did you start knitting?

I am self taught! I went to YouTube University hahahahahaaa! I started because we found a kit at work while cleaning out the prize closet and I figured I’d try. 

When did you decide to be prominently present on Social Media?

Oh that was a scary time because I was sure no one would be interested. That started in 2012 when my life fell apart. 

You also have a website and a podcast, what do you mainly write and talk about? 

I need to do better with both, and the answer is whatever I’m currently excited about, which can vary. On the blog and YouTube you will find my FO, WIPs and any places I have discovered. 

Did you ever think that you would generate such a huge following and what do you think attributes to your success? 

I absolutely did not think that would happen. I suffer from low self esteem so I’m prone to think the worst and am always shocked with reality. It still blows my mind that folks are so interested in me and knitting adventures. 

What does the knitting community mean to you? 

This community is an escape, it is safety, it is education and lastly it’s is a bond I never imagined would happen.

What's in store for GGMADEIT in the future? Where do you see yourself in the next few years? 

I have no clue! I would like to learn more about pattern design and make more sweaters. This is the year of the sweater for me.

Where can you find GGmadeit online?

Instagram: @GGMADEIT

Ravelry: GGmadeit


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Lastly, we would like to point out one of GG's latest designs: The Bobble Shrug. Find it on Ravelry!

We hope you can meet and greet GG tonight, March 1 from 6-8pm at Knitty City. See you then!