Lars & Lopi

The story of Lars and Lopi began when Lars decided to follow his favorite yarn on a color filled road and create a book out of that adventure. True to his focused self, he went on that trip with a vision in mind and followed it through with design, layout and publishing. He had help from fine photographer, Gale Zucker, and when you see it, we think you'll agree that it was an impressive debut.

Here's Lars, with his book, "Modern Knitting." He appeared with us at VK LIVE a few weeks back, and we got a chance to chat him up a bit. While we can't say we know everything, what we did learn was interesting. Born in Manitoba, he grew up in the cold climate of the North, where learning to knit was a handy craft to have up your sleeve! A quick study, he learned well, from the experienced hands at a local knitting store. His first project was a sweater - in Lopi, no less. (See the "thread" here :)) While he enjoyed the work, he didn't have immediate plans to go into the publishing business, but he began to experiment with design, which he launched via Ravelry.

First, he migrated from Canada to the US, where he spent 7 years as a NYC cop. I didn't ask, but considering the depth of his collection on Ravelry, I am assuming that he kept right on knitting through those years and through his studies on his way to obtaining his degree in Special Education, with a focus on math. Side note: It's always interesting to discover how many knitters are fascinated with the properties of mathematics. It makes great sense of course, since knitting concerns itself with so many elements of the science. (Good knitters are often great crossword and puzzle enthusiasts, too.)

While he has a day job as a high school teacher in the city, he felt the impetus to create his own brand within the knitting world. Knowing he had a design aesthetic that was best realized in a collected format, he undertook the challenge of designing, laying out, publishing and marketing his first book. Lars sees "Modern Lopi" as his entrance into the book market.  An upcoming project will focus on simply styled accessories, using some of the current big wools that continue to captivate fashion. 

His overall philosophy is that every project, be it knitting or otherwise, should always teach you something new. In the case of the Modern Lopi collection, he demonstrated how a "new" approach in color can result in the revitalization of a traditional art form - the Icelandic sweater. Here's a case in point - where the beauty of fair isle is amplified by the vibrant hues of Lopi Yarn.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.00.10 PM.jpg

Come meet this exciting and ever-so-approachable man this Saturday, Feb. 6, at the store at 3PM. He'll be signing his book and bringing a trunk show. The event will be followed by a Knit A Long, in which he will be working on the magnificent sweater shown on the front cover: "Asymptote." To sweeten the deal, we have put all our Lopi on sale at 10% off. Lars will return next Saturday, Feb. 13, for another 2 hour knit session and the last one, on March 5, will be a Lopi round up where all participants are invited to show up in their Lopi finery. Please note: Yarn for the KAL must be purchased at Knitty City. 

While we have you, here, please remember that we will be one of NYC's many fine knitting stores appearing at City Bakery's Night of Knitting, next Monday, Feb. 8, from 7-10P. To obtain tickets for this event ($45), please go here: Tickets are in limited supply, so don't delay. See more information on our home page.

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