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Knitty City is excited to once again welcome Fiber Artist and Indie Dyer Alex Reynoso from the Indie brand AlexCreates. Alex will be at the store all Saturday, December 9th from 11am-6pm.

Alex has a lot of fans and we know it's going to be a fun and colorful day having him around. 

If you didn't know already, every Saturday in November and December we have been featuring a different Indie Dyer for our 9 Indie Pop-Up events. Raffle prizes are given away with proceeds going to Heifer International. We are happy to include AlexCreates in our Indie Dyer line up.

Born and bred in Harlem in New York City, Alex has been active in the yarn and fiber industry since he was 14 years old. Alex knits, crochets, spins and dyes yarn. Often times, you can see him knit or crochet in the NYC subway. 

His love for yarn, color, fiber and all things craft is infectious and we are simply in awe of all that he does! We previously wrote a blogpost about Alex, check it out here: "Fiber Artist Alexander Reynoso". For this occasion, we did a little Q and A with Alex. Enjoy!

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Q and A with Alex Reynoso

Where do you get your color inspiration from?

 I tend to think of color already in a project. I’m obsessed with color progression knitting vs crochet vs weaving. I’m always trying out new dyes and techniques to see how they bleed and move within the pan and on the needles. 

If I need actual color inspiration I just head over to Pinterest. 

Color way Salt Water Taffy

Color way Salt Water Taffy

2) What is your unique color signature?

It would have to be a battle between Salt Water Taffy, Concrete and Radioactive Grapes. I never have enough of these colors!!

Color way Radio Active Grapes

Color way Radio Active Grapes

3) Many of us know what an Indie Dyer is. For those who don't, can you explain what an Indie Dyer does?

An indie Dyer is an independent textile/fiber Dyer. They dye in their studio or in my case their kitchen. They are their own brand but also tend to do things on consignment. 

4) Tell us 2 things we don't know about you.

 - I paid my VKL booth with my FAFSA refund check. 

-I wanted to be a veterinarian until I realized all the science involved in it. 

Alex dyes in his kitchen.

Alex dyes in his kitchen.

5) What is the most fun about owning your own Indie Dye business? What is the most challenging part?

The most enjoyable part of AlexCreates is seeing people love my yarn. Seeing the projects people make with their yarn is a nice reminder of why I do this. The most challenging part has be managing my time with school, commissions, online sales and public art project. It’s hard for me to turn off AlexCreates. 

Daniel loves working with his Ombre Sock Duo yarn by AlexCreates.

Daniel loves working with his Ombre Sock Duo yarn by AlexCreates.

6) Where do you see AlexCreates in the next few years? How big do you aspire to grow?

 I’ve recently looked over my goals and the best way to put it would be a mash up of Stephen West and Jared Flood but with a huge emphasis on crochet and hand dyed US grown fibers. 

Cecilia is loving on AlexCreates yarns!

Cecilia is loving on AlexCreates yarns!

Come see Alex this Saturday, December 9th from 11am-6pm and fondle his yarn! This is a great way to connect with the artist behind the brand AlexCreates and if you made a project with this yarn, please show and tell.

Find Alex on Instagram: @alexcreates

Ravelry: Alexcreates yarns


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