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Last but certainly not least in our 9 Indie Pop-Up series is Fuse Fiber Studio. We are delighted to welcome Rebecca Picoult to Knitty City and cannot wait for you to admire her beautiful yarns. You can meet Rebecca in person at Knitty City this Saturday, December 30 from 11am-6pm.

We wanted to know Rebecca a bit better and did a Q and A with her. Enjoy!

Q and A with Rebecca Picoult

Where are you from and where is Fuse Fiber Studio located?

I live in Simsbury, CT with my husband and three sons and my studio is a short drive away in Avon, CT. 

How and when did you get into dyeing yarn?

As my kids were getting older and I was beginning to have more time on my hands I knew I wanted to get more involved in the fiber community.  I have been a knitter forever, but last January, almost exactly one year ago, I started learning everything I could about dyeing by taking classes from Felicia Lo at Vogue Knitting Live, Craftsy classes and lots of books and online tutorials.  I rented my studio on February 1st, 2017 and opened my online shop on April 1st!

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

I try to dye colors that have some kind of meaning behind them.  I might try to recreate a particularly beautiful place that we’ve visited like the Grand Prismatic Springs in Yellowstone, or I may try to create a color that reminds me of a funny family joke like Pear Train.  Above all, I always try to create colors that I would like to knit with and wear myself.  

 For those who do not know what an indie dyer is, can you explain?

I think of an indie dyer is an artist that uses yarn as their canvas to create unique, small-batch, high quality yarns for crafters.    

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Where do you do your dyeing? In your kitchen or do you have a dye studio?

I do all of my dyeing in my 500 sq. ft. studio located in The Farmington Valley Arts Center which is a converted fuse factory that houses artist studios, galleries and classrooms.

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What is your favorite color or color combo?

I love pale neutrals with light speckles.  I always lean towards warmer tones and have to remind myself to dye blues and greens, too.

Tell us three things about yourself we don't know.

I’ve got a Masters Degree in French Literature.  

I love all British TV series.  

The first thing I ever knit was a giant, red, acrylic scarf for my high school boyfriend.  

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What is your most favorite thing about owning an indie dye business and what is the most challenging part?

My favorite thing is being surrounded by color and creating new colors.  I’d be perfectly happy dyeing new colors everyday and never writing down any recipes!  The most challenging part is balancing work and home life.  As my business has taken off there have been many long days at the studio and my family misses me.  

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Where do you see Fuse Fiber Studio in the future? How big do you want to grow?

I would like Fuse Fiber Studio to stay small so that I can take care of all the day-to-day operations without having to hire staff. In 2018 the focus will be on having regular weekly shop updates and allowing time for publishing more of my own designs. 

Thank you, Rebecca! Come meet Rebecca in person this Saturday, December 30th from 11am-6pm at Knitty City!

Find Fuse Fiber Studio online at:

Ravelry: Fuse Fiber Studio

Instagram: @fusefiberstudio