Indie Dyer Hub City Fibers

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For nine Saturdays in November and December, Knitty City will be featuring nine different independent dyers. We will give away prizes in a raffle with proceeds going to Heifer International.

We are excited to welcome Indie Dyer Hub City Fibers to Knitty City this Saturday November 11, from 11-6pm for our Indie Pop-Up Saturdays event.

The woman behind Hub City Fibers is Lillian Peirut. She describes Hub City Fibers:

"Lillian Periut is the founder of Hubcity Fibers, an indie yarn company founded in New Brunswick, NJ. Lillian loves knitting, spinning, and hand dying yarn & fiber.  She discovered the art of knitting at 9, when she visited the public library in her hometown, Little Ferry, NJ, and librarians and town residents had a weekly knitting club. But it wasn't until college that Lillian started to delve into other fiber-related crafts like spinning and dying yarn. HubCity Fiber's color ways are inspired by everyday life, famous paintings, and travels."

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We are simply in awe of all creative Indie Dyers within our community and would love to know about who they are. Here is a Q and A with Lillian Peirut.

Q and A with Lillian Peirut

When and how did you decide to dye yarn?

It all started in college. I lived in this apartment building and one day ran into someone who soon became a close friend of mine. I was not actively knitting, but she was. I started to actively knit again and started to become obsessed with all things fiber related. She taught me exactly how to dye fiber and yarns and it became an obsession instantly! For a college student, spending money on fancy yarn was not in my budget at all, but I appreciated the finer things in life so I started going to the thrift store and finding cashmere sweaters and unraveling them and dying them to make my own cashmere knitted goods for a fraction of the cost. 

How did you learn to dye yarn?

I would say that learning to dye was a complete accident. I was so enamored with perfecting my knitting skills that taking up new skills was something I was hesitant about. I couldn’t resist and soon picked up spinning on a drop spindle as well as dying my own ecru fiber to spin. Later, I decided to focus more on knitting since it was something that offered instant gratification. This is when I started to focus more on dying yarn and started to save to dye my own yarn to knit with.

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Where do you draw color inspiration from?

I draw color inspiration from my everyday life. Stores like Anthropologie, Madewell, are a big influence. I also find inspiration from nature itself- whether that be random bacteria I learned about  (they can be very colorful), crystals, or a natural phenomenon like Acid lakes. 


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Who inspires you when it comes to dying/crafting?

My inspiration comes from the knitting community. I love seeing peoples styles. For example, I follow many indie dyers/ crafters on Instagram and they all have their own unique style. It is consistent and very much a part of who they are and that is super inspiring.


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Every Indie Dyer has their own character or signature. What is yours?

My logo says a lot. I started dying in college. I went to Rutgers University situated in New Brunswick, NJ also known as Hub City. My logo is also shaped like a crown. The area where I started dying holds a lot of history. When Rutgers was first founded it was known as Old Queens college named by King George III’s wife. I thought it was appropriate to include a little history behind the inception of where my business began.    

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Where do you want to bring Hub City Fibers? How big do you aspire to grow?

Honestly, this business was all a fun side project for me. I was in a transition period in my life where I had to leave being a student behind and head into real life (adult life).  I never really thought of its growth so I am just taking it day by day. Being an indie dyer is tough because it can sometimes feel like a needle in the haystack. It is definitely an over saturated market but I really enjoy it and when I see people work with my yarn it honestly makes me so happy. 

What is the most fun of owning your own dye business? And what is the most challenging for you?

Most fun is the constant creativity. It is so funny to think that I drew my logo during a class I really should of been paying more attention in and now it is something I make sticker, labels and headers from. It is  apart of me now and that is just crazy. 

Most challenging is understanding what people want but honestly I am just creating what I would want to knit with because in the end if it doesn’t work out I can just knit with all the yarns,  haha!

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Come meet Lillian Peirut Saturday, November 11 from 11-6pm at Knitty City. Admire her yarn, connect with her and just have fun time. 

Find Lillian on Instagram: @hubcityfibers