With Gratitude

A Thanksgiving  Letter from Pearl Chin

As we approach the holidays, we would like to express our appreciation to our friends and customers for their support of Knitty City. We take great pleasure in doing this as we look forward to our eleventh year in business on the Upper West Side.

In doing a little research, I  discovered that the traditional symbol for an eleventh anniversary is "Steel". I couldn't help but think it fitting that a material synonymous with strength marks this year's anniversary. Our community of makers is a strong one because of our shared interests and diversity.

In addition to our local friends, we are fortunate to meet people from all over the world at Knitty City. They visit us to find new treasures and share their love of making things. Each person is a strong link to a culture and, often, another language. We have gained much in meeting them and count them as part of our extended community. Like the city in which we live, we take pride in making them welcome and in sharing our knowledge, as we benefit from theirs.

Please accept our heartfelt wishes for a healthy and safe Thanksgiving and a peaceful holiday season.

Pearl Chin & Family

The Knitty City Team