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Knitty City is excited to welcome Indie Dyer Asylum Fibers. The woman behind Asylum Fibers is Stephanie Jones and she will be giving a presentation Thursday, November 2nd from 6-8pm.

Asylum Fibers offers small batch, hand dyed yarns, with an emphasis on non-repeatable  colors which are referred to as "Chaos Colorways". Of course Stephanie also offers her regular color ways.

Stephanie is originally from Maine but now lives in Queens, New York, where she dyes her yarns in her kitchen. She has a background as an opera singer, but works nowadays in Finance.

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Stephanie has done many things, she writes: "I've been a bit of a dabbler in life, but for as long as I can remember, I've been a Musician, Mathematician, and most importantly, a Maker."

At the age of 6 she learned how to knit in day care but really has gotten into it in her adult life. Since 2012, Stephanie has learned a lot from other knitters in her  Meetup groups and really advanced her skills from taking classes from some of the great in our industry such as: Lorilee BeltmanSteven BergEdie EckmanFaina GobersteinFranklin HabitAmy HerzogFelicia LoNancy MarchantKristy McGowanAlasdair Post-QuinnLeslye SolomonDebbie Stoller, and Stephen West

Not too long ago, during a trip to Rhinebeck, Stephanie purchased a lot of un-dyed yarn and started to experiment with dying. First she tried the natural dyes, but came to the realization that she really loves the more saturated colors. Soon enough, she became very much obsessed with dying and even worked until well after midnight in her kitchen. 

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Totally obsessed with dying yarn and realizing that she loves it so much, she decided to "embrace her crazy" and started her own business. And so, Asylum Fibers came into existence!

We are so happy that Stephanie found her passion and is following her inspiration! After all, we are the ones to enjoy the fruits of her dying labor...

We experimented with Asylum Fibers yarn and used the Hazel Rose Square Weaving Loom to make squares for the Welcome Blanket Project. We simply LOVED working with Asylum Fibers yarns and we are sure you will too!

Come see Stephanie as she gives her presentation Thursday, November 2nd from 6-8pm. If you aren't able to make it, don't worry! Stephanie is also part of our 9 Indie Pop-Up Saturdays and will be kicking of this event on Saturday, November 4th. On this Saturday, she will be at Knitty City from 11-6pm with all of her gorgeous Asylum Fibers yarns.

Find Asylum Fibers on Ravelry: Asylum Fibers

Instagram: @asylumfibers


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