Three "Easy Going" Women

What do you get when 3 easy going personalities, each one possessed of a special talent, come together to create a unique knitting book? That's easy!

Collaborations happen every day, but some are more successful than others. So when Gale Zucker, Mary Lou Egan and Kirsten Kapur came together on their annual knitting and teaching excursions, they often remarked on the ease they felt when blending time together with their shared passion for  making beautiful things. From that positive experience, a good idea was born: To create a book that featured  interesting designs for people who love to knit, but wanted an angst-free experience. They envisioned patterns that you could pick up and put down as time, and company, allowed, but were also worth the effort. Take a look at some of the  designs that made the cut. As lovely as these are, each is made with hours of pleasurable zen-like knitting.

Here's an added advantage: While these projects are guaranteed to provide that cruise-along that all knitters relish, the designs get down to business when attention is needed. "Concentration zones" alert the knitter for the need to take heed. 

The trio also asked for, and received, a little help from their friends. Contributing designs were provided by standard bearers like Susan B. Anderson, Theresa Gaffey, and Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner of Mason-Dixon Knitting. The photography by Gale Zucker enhances the appeal with the warmth and approachability that is her signature.

Each of the 3 authors is an accomplished professional who makes her living within the industry. As is often the case in the fiber and design world, each possesses multiple talents: writer, designer, colorist, art director, photographer, and, most importantly, a talent for helping others discover their own muse.

Gale Zucker, commercial & editorial photographer, comes from a knitting family. Starting her career as a photo-journalist, knitting proved to be a coping mechanism for intense days on the job for employers like the New York Times. Interest in the craft and fiber world, led to assignments for industry magazines, yarn companies, and designers, plus co-authorship of two books on the subject: Craft Activism (2011) and Shear Spirit (2008). Find her on Ravelry as SheShootsSheep and Instagram as @galezucker.

"I learned so many "drop dead" knitting tips from Kirsten and Mary Lou. They showed me easier ways to do knitting maneuvers -- little tricks that made me wonder how I had never learned them before."                                                                                                                  

Kirsten Kapur began her professional life designing ready-to-wear clothing. This training in construction, when combined with her interest in color and texture, led  to a successful career as a knitwear designer.. Most recently, she created "Kristen Kapur Shawl Book One". Her numerous patterns are easily found on Ravelry and she has designed for a host of important  knit design magazines, including: Vogue and Interweave.

"As an independent designer I spend most of my time working alone, so it was a joy to share the process with two dear friends. Now that the book is published, we have the pleasure of spending time together as we attend book signings for Drop Dead Easy Knits."

Mary Lou Egan works at a nationally known Minneapolis knitting emporium, The Yarnery, where one of her specialties is "accessible projects":  designs that are short on anxiety but long on enjoyment. It was Mary Lou who came up with the title of their book since she often describes the projects she enjoys as "drop dead easy". She is the author of  "Wearwithall: Knits for Your Life", a best-selling book available through Ravelry. Her work, and links to related sites, are available on Ravelry, as well.

"Life is complicated enough-- Your knitting doesn't have to be."

In writing the profile on this book, thoughts turned to the role that community has played in the success of our own neighborhood store. The importance of creative collaboration and support was the core philosophy behind the establishment of Knitty City in 2006. It's a subject we take to heart. So, we look forward to introducing Gale, Mary Lou and Kirsten to our customers (and friends) on October 20th, from 6-8 PM. Please join us as they share their experiences in the making of this book. A trunk show of selected designs will  be on hand.