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Gabrielle Gergler

Gabrielle Gergler

Once Upon A Corgi Handmade is a One Woman, Two Corgi team (The corgis are more yarn protectors than yarn dyers) creating an array of colorways inspired by food, books, and their travels with yarn bases named for the corgis in her life. Gabrielle Gergler started crocheting and knitting at a young age and carried the craft with her into Fine Art and Photography Studies. In 2016 the knitting, spinning and hand dyeing bug hit hard and she turned from film to fiber, taking her piles of freshly dyed skeins and opened up the shop where Once Upon A Corgi Handmade was born.  

Knitty City is happy to welcome Gabrielle Gergler, the indie dyer behind Once Upon A Corgi, as part of a Pre-Rhinebeck event Thursday, October 19. The Once Upon A Corgi trunkshow will be at our store until Sunday, October 22nd.

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We love Indie Dyers and we are fascinated by their gorgeous work and their incredible sense of color. More and more we have been seeing a tremendous interest in Indie Dyers and we want to put a big spot light on them! Gabby walked into our store one day, showed us her yarn and we were so enamored. 

We asked Gabby to do a QandA with us so that you can get to know her a bit better.

Q and A with Gabby Gergler

Tell us how/when knitting/crochet/craft came into your life. 

 My Mom taught me (and my three brothers 1 older, 2 younger) how to crochet first around 96'-98' She is an avid blanket crocheter. She also taught me how to sew starting with Jedi Cloaks and soon after she brought in Knitting. We were also Major Girl Scouts so lots of crafts had started that way and knitting just stuck with me through high school, college and then came back full force with all the indie dyed yarns and Ravelry patterns in 2014 when I had a 2 hour commute each way living in CT and working just outside NYC

What is your most favorite item to knit/crochet?

My Favorite thing to knit at the moment is Sweaters, but socks are a very close second to them. 

When did you decide to start dying yarn? How did that come about? Did you wake up one day and decided to do it, or did it grow gradually and/or organically.

I decided to start dyeing in July 2015 after watching so many knitting podcasts and seeing all the gorgeous skeins people were making. My Brother, Adrian, and I had our first Dye Day and experimented with yarn and fiber in August 2015 and I became addicted. I would get home from Work at 7-7:30 and be dyeing until 10-11pm starting with Christmas colors and color ways i pictured to go with outfits I was making, and by January I had opened my Etsy Shop to see if my yarn was any good and within a week or two people started buying from me and decided this was what I wanted to do full time. I started the slow growth from one or two skeins selling a week to being full time dyer by August 2016. 

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What are your favorite colors to work with?

I love Greys and Reds, there are so many shades between the two and they are just such warm comforting colors to me.

Where do your draw color inspiration from?

Lots of inspiration come from books and fandoms, I think I have 4 or 5 Outlander colors. And Food, when I'm in a rut I dye things based on baked goods. 

Who inspires you?

I don't think there is one person who inspires me more but just a collective of all the Amazing Indie Dyer Ladies that showed me I can be creative and support myself doing so. I think the Top 3 Are Kristin rom Voolenvine, inspired me to start dyeing, Devan from Francofille Knits, whose work blows me away but also fuels me to keep pushing foreward as a small growing business, and Joy the Baker, who started the need to have a creative online presence with her Food blogging turned Cookbook author. 

Tell us how you came to the name "Once upon a corgi"?

The Name came about when I started a blog sharing the journey of having a litter of Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies with my first corgi, Audrey Beyonce Hepburn. She had a litter of 7 puppies that I wanted to document what was going on, how we were handling the situation with food and prepping for the puppies all that fun stuff. When I started my Videocast (Podcast) I called it a Puppy Crafting Podcast so along with FOs, WIPs and yarn hauls I had a section about the puppies, training tips, treat recipes. When I started dyeing the yarn it naturally continued as the name with the names of the puppies becoming the yarn bases. 

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What is the most fun part of owning your business and what is the most challenging part?

The most fun part is being able to Experiment, trying new bases or colors or kits and not having to ask permission and just unapologetically go for it. 

The most Challenging bit for me is admitting this is a legit growing business mostly to myself.

 I still have a hard time explaining to not Knitters, without feeling really conscious, that my job is coloring blank yarn and selling them to people on the internet. 

And every time something sells out or a shop update is really successful I am completely blown away that people are out there wanting and setting alarms to get my yarn! Its really bad when I am vending and basically just blushing into a small ball of a person when people are in the booth telling me they enjoy the yarn and wearing their finished objects out of my yarn, Its so humbling to see that. 

How would you describe your business?

We are a One Woman, Two Corgi Team bringing you a collection of fandom, food and travel inspired luxury yarn on bases that broaden your horizon from the merino branch. I want to bring more breed specific yarns into the indie dyer world with Polwarth, Corriedale, BFL while still having the classic Merino/Cashmere/Nylon and Merino/Nylon/Stellina available because everyone needs some sparkle yarn in their life. 

Gabby will be at our store Thursday, October 19 from 11-3pm. Her yarn however, will be at our store from Thursday, October 19 to Sunday, October 22nd. Do come by to meet Gabby, she is a delight and so are her gorgeous hand dyed yarns!

Find Gabby on Instagram: @onceuponacorgi


Ravelry: Once Upon a Corgi Handmade

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