Minnesota 52: knits inspired by the road

Photo credit: Gale Zucker Photography

Photo credit: Gale Zucker Photography

We are happy to welcome knitwear designers and authors of the book Minnesota 52 Cori Eichelberger and Megan Williams to Knitty City on Thursday, October 19 from 6-8 pm. Minnesota 52 is a book with designs inspired by the road with a happy energy. It is about friendship and going somewhere together. While wearing awesome knitwear, of course!

How the road connected Cori and and Megan

In 2013, Cori's daughter had an undiagnosed illness and after making an appointment with the Mayo Clinic they headed south on Minnesota Highway 52 to Rochester. Megan, who happens to live in Rochester heard about this and sent Cori a message asking if everything was okay. Megan knew all to well why people head to Rochester and was concerned. 

Even though the two women had never met before in person, they had connected with each other online through Ravelry and Instagram. As soon as Megan heard that Cori and her daughter were heading to the Mayo Clinic, she invited them to her house. "I know you don't know me well", said Megan, "But instead of sitting in your hotel room and worrying, why don't you come to my house. My young children will distract your daughter, and you and I can sit and knit".

Cori and Megan explain that knitters meet in the strangest of circumstances and places. Minnesota 52 is literally the road that connects them.

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The start of a close friendship and...the making of a book!

It didn't take long for Cori and Megan to become close friends and it was Cori who came up with the idea to write a book. They wanted to create a book with designs inspired by the road. A happy book about friends going somewhere together. 

They designed 16 knits, ranging from socks to mittens and hats, shawls and sweaters.

Photo Credit: Gale Zuckerberg Photography

It is clear that Cori and Megan are super passionate about their craft. As they explain in an interview with Kristy Glass: "We look at the world through knitter's eyes. People that don't knit, don't get it. They don't understand our community. We wanted to share our stories through knitting and we hope that knitters can recognize themselves in our stories."

Come see these passionate knitters from Minnesota as they tell their story at Knitty City Thursday, October 19 from 6-8 pm.

Cori  and Megan on Instagram: @irocknits @justrunknit and @knitcahoots

Website: knitcahoots.com

View Minnesota 52 designs on Ravelry: Minnesota 52


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