A Sea of Pink Hats

Knitty City has been supporting the Pussyhat Project ever since its inception early December 2016. When we heard that these pink cat-eared hats were being made for the Women's March, we wanted to be a part of this amazing movement.

We were in awe by the response of our incredible community. Many of you were immediately inspired by the Pussyhat Project and you came out to buy yarn in all shades of pink.

We provided a safe place for our community to come together and work diligently on the Pussyhats. We got newbie knitters on their way and we offered help on how to make the hats.

Before long, knitters and crocheters started to drop off finished hats and marchers started to come to the store looking for pink Pussyhats. Hundreds of hats were donated and hundreds of hats were picked up.

It didn't take long before the media knocked on our door. Magee Hickey from Pix11 News did a segment on Knitty City's Pussyhat Knitters, we were featured the New York Daily News and we were mentioned in the New York Times. Also, we were captured by the French, German and Italian media. Thank you for your willingness to be interviewed!

Pussyhatblogpost - 30.jpg

It was truly beautiful to see our community come together as one. We gathered, worked on our pink hats, voiced our concerns and overcame our fears and anxieties. It was far more than "just making hats". It was a much needed process of healing and empowerment.

We would like to thank each and every single one of you for your dedication, passion, determination and generosity. You made it happen. Because of you, we saw a sea of pink hats during the Women's Marches!