Chelsea Yarns

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We are very excited to welcome Chelsea Yarns and Red Bank Mike to Knitty City this Saturday, April 14 from 11-6pm. They will be showcasing their gorgeous hand dyed yarns Chelsea Luxe and Big Kahuna. We have been closely following both Chelsea Yarns and Red Bank Mike on Instagram as they prepared for their trunk show at our shop.

We simply screamed with excitement when we found out about an exclusive color way in Chelsea Luxe called "Knitty City", and we fell off our chairs when they introduced another exclusive color way called "West 79th Street". For those who do not know, that is our address!

 Exclusive color way "Knitty City" in Chelsea Luxe

Exclusive color way "Knitty City" in Chelsea Luxe

Chelsea Yarns is a delightful yarn shop located in Red Bank, New Jersey. The owner, Christina, decided to dye her own yarn and named it "Chelsea Luxe". Soon after, another yarn line called "Kahuna" came into existence. We wanted to know a bit more about how this all came about and we did an Q and A with Christina. Enjoy!

Q and A with Christina

Who taught you how to knit/crochet?

I have been a maker since early childhood and was always involved in some type of creative pursuit. My mother taught me to knit in my teens and following the birth of my son 19 years ago, my interest intensified. 

Do you remember your first project?

 My first project was a huge garter stitch scarf using Rowan Big Wool. It was an easy, very fashionable project which I enjoyed making and I was instantly hooked. I was living in London at this time and was thrilled to shop for yarn at Liberty, Peter Jones and Harrods where I found an extensive selection of Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Noro and many other British Yarns. 

When did the idea come up to open up a yarn store?

I thought about opening a yarn shop in 2012 with the intent to create a friendly community of knitters and crocheters. Initially, my business was online.  Positive response led me to the opening of a brick and mortar shop in March, 2013.  

What is the most fun part of owning a yarn store?

The best and most fun part of owning a yarn shop are the customers. We built the yarn community I envisioned and I never tire of seeing the wonderful projects being created with yarns  purchased at Chelsea. So many people have learned to knit here and now produce advanced projects.  

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When did you decide to dye your own yarn and how did this come about?

I began dyeing yarn 3 years ago for The NJ Wool Walk because we wanted to create something special, local and exclusive to Chelsea Yarns. I dyed 50 skeins which were sold during the first day. I was thrilled by this positive response. 

Where do you get your color inspiration from?

I have always been inspired by art, color, design and fashion. I now study color wheels, paintings, photos, landscapes and nature. Instagram is another source of my inspiration. 

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Who is Red Bank Mike and how did he get into dying yarn?

Red Bank Mike is my husband, Tad who adores the yarn shop and its community. He assists in the shop whenever possible. He, too, is very creative and started combining yarns and colors resulting in the creation of the Kahunas. He doesn’t knit or crochet but is totally obsessed with creating Kahunas. 

I dye the yarn for him to use for the Kahunas.

What's in store for the future for your hand dyed yarns and yarn shop?

My vision for Chelsea Luxe would be to fill the entire shop with it and create a dye studio.  

Thank you so much for answering our questions, Christina, and we hope you don't mind we are being so nosey! 

Also, we wanted to congratulate Chelsea Yarns with their 5th anniversary which they celebrated last March! We are so incredibly happy for you and here's to many more years!

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Come on over this Saturday, April 14 from 11-6pm to admire Chelsea Luxe yarns and Big Kahuna yarns. We are sure that you will not be able to resist. 

Find Chelsea Yarns online:

Chelsea Yarns on Instagram: @chelseayarns

Red Bank Mike on Instagram: @redbankmike

Chelsea Yarns also has a podcast on YouTube: The Chelsea Purls Podcast

Knitwear Designer Kate Fisher

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Join us this Saturday, April 7 at 2pm as we welcome knitwear designer Kate Fisher. We will have a lot of beautiful samples for you to admire. Recently, Kate joined the Shibui Knits Design Team. Kate's bio reads:

"Kate Fisher is a mixed media artist, art therapist, and knitwear designer. She launched Black Bird Knits in 2014, but her history with the craft of knitting began much earlier in her life. She was seven years old when her friend's mother taught her how to knit.

Using raw materials and simple tools to make things that are beautiful and functional has always intrigued Kate. Creating an object "one stitch at a time" is a powerful experience for her. She is proud of the fact that she has taught hundreds of young people how to knit. 

Her modern elegant Black Bird Knit designs are named after the streets of Rochester, New York, where she lives with her husband, Ken Fisher."

 Kate launched Black Bird knits in 2014

Kate launched Black Bird knits in 2014

Q and A with Kate Fisher

We learned through your bio that your friend's mother taught you how to knit when you were a child. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Like many knitters, my history with the craft began early in my life. I was seven years old when my friend’s mother was teaching her how to knit. I asked her to teach me, too. I knit a shawl for my doll. I remember that by the time I was done it was dirty, twisted and triangular due to my sweaty little hands, hard work and unintentional tension changes. This was the beginning, and from that point on I was determined, and definitely hooked.

Besides knitting, you do also other crafts?

I am a painter, quilter, printmaker and artist bookmaker.

 Uptown Park Sweater  Photo credit: Debra Wallace

Uptown Park Sweater

Photo credit: Debra Wallace

How and when did you start designing knitwear?

I started designing almost as soon as I started knitting. In the 80s when my daughters were babies I had a few designs published and then I put designing for money aside to become an art therapist. This really suited my specific talents and passions. 

In recent years I decided to launch Black Bird Knits to see if others would be interested in my designs and related prints. It has been a huge learning process and very satisfying on so many levels, both interpersonally and professionally.

 Alexander Street Sweater

Alexander Street Sweater

How did you become a designer for Shibui?

My wonderful LYS owner Patti Odinak at Yarn Culture has been so so supportive. She connected me with Shibui Knits and they have been fantastic since our very first meeting.

 Castle Bar Road Poncho

Castle Bar Road Poncho

How would you like to describe your style of designing and what inspires you?

I enjoy designing with clean but interesting lines and mixing fibers. I am inspired by beautiful yarn. The fibers, textures and colors of Shibui yarn all draw me in. I love the flexibility that “mixing” the weights of their yarn give to me in my designing process.

My garden, my walks around my neighborhood and my knitting group are all sources of inspiration. My knitted pieces are named after the streets of my city, where I frequently take my walks, collecting sights and found objects.

 Highland Parkway Sweater  Photo credit: Debra Wallace

Highland Parkway Sweater

Photo credit: Debra Wallace

Thank you, Kate, for answering our questions! You can find Kate on Raverly as kfisherblackbird and visit her website

 Sibly Place Sweater  Photo credit: Debra Wallace

Sibly Place Sweater

Photo credit: Debra Wallace

Crochet Artist Nacinimod Deodee

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We are excited and honored to have Crochet Artist Nacinimod Deodee at our store Thursday, April 5th from 6-8pm. Nacinimod will be giving an Artist Talk "Hooked - The Anatomy of a Stitch". We first learned about Nacinimod during the NYC Yarn Crawl in 2017 when a picture of him and several of his pieces were posted on Instagram. An impromptu fashion show was held at a yarn shop in Brooklyn called Slip Stitch Needle Craft and the organizer of the NYC Yarn Crawl happened to be there at the right moment. We are so thankful that a picture was taken and posted on Instagram!

 Nacinimod with friends and Claudette Brady, owner of Slip Stitch Needle Craft in Brooklyn during the New York City Yarn Crawl in September 2017.

Nacinimod with friends and Claudette Brady, owner of Slip Stitch Needle Craft in Brooklyn during the New York City Yarn Crawl in September 2017.

In awe of these amazing crochet jackets, we wanted to know more about the man behind the pieces. Who is he? Where is he from? What is he inspired by? We were beyond curious. We hope you can make it to see Nacinimod speak tonight to find out. In the meantime, here is an interview with him we did in February. Enjoy!

Nassat Nation 

Nassat_Nation1 - 1.jpg

Brooklyn based Crochet Artist Nacinomod Deodee grew in up in Dominica, an island in the Caribbean Sea situated south-south east of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique. Dominica is also known as the "Nature Isle of the Caribbean."

Nacinomod explains: "Life in the Caribbean is craft driven. People are creative in all kinds of ways. You learn how to use your hands growing up. The vibe of the people is one of creative energy and natural ingenuity."

When we ask him how and when he was introduced to crochet, he recalls how his mother an aunt were always crocheting and how we was intrigued by it: "They would make doilies and really fine lace work. It was always in my direct vision. When I was 7 years old, I asked my mother to show me how to crochet. I remember sitting down on her bed an trying to do the chain stitch. But I got discouraged because the thread was so fine an the hook was very small."

It took about 12 years before Nacinimod took up the crochet hook again. 

Nassat_Nation - 11.jpg

At 19 years old, while attending City College in NYC, Nacinimod picked up the hook again and started to create hats. A friend noticed his work and asked him if he was willing to create pieces for an artist in the music industry: Erykah Badu.

And just like that, young Nacinimod found himself creating crochet pieces for Erykah Badu and several other artists who were the "nucleus of the wave of Neo-Soul artists".

When we ask him what his work is influenced by he sums up: "Hip Hop music, the Dynamic Energy of NYC, Rootical Vibes and Island Vibes."

Nassat_Nation3 - 1.jpg

Nacinimod realized he needed a body of work and decided to forge alliances in the fashion world. His work has appeared at Caribbean Fashion Week, and Brooklyn Fashion Week. This is a great way to showcase his pieces as it is an artistic expression and presentation. Here are pictures of Brooklyn Fashion Week in 2017.

Nassat_Nation - 3.jpg
Nassat_Nation - 4.jpg
Nassat_Nation - 5.jpg
Nassat_Nation - 6.jpg

Nacinimod considers himself as a Crochet Artist and Garment Maker: "My pieces are sculpted. Art constructed into a garment. It happens simultaneously. I create in an artistic medium. What inspires me is the unconventional. Pushing the envelope musically and visually. I focus on what is not the norm."

On forming his garments he explains: "I have a mathematical mind.I lay everything out as a grid. First, you need to make the foundation with proper calculations. Then, I create my own stitch. I am constantly creating and re-arranging."

Recently, Nacinimod is making a conscious effort to connect with the Needle Craft and Yarn Community. As for what the future holds for him he replies: "With my work, I want to make an impacting change for the next generation. I want to influence change of thought. Evolution is a real aspect of our humanity. Needle craft is hands on and very tactile. It is healing and transformative. As as for other mediums than yarn, I want to create jewelry and metal work. I see potential in those mediums and want to utilize all across the board."

We really look forward to hearing Nacinimod speak. Hope you can make it tonight Thursday, April 5th,  from 6-8pm.

Thank you for reading!

Follow Nacinomod on Instagram: @nassat_nation.

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Nassat_Nation4 - 1.jpg


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Knitty City is excited to host a fun evening with GGmadeit on Thursday, March 1st from 6-8pm!

Gaye Glasspie, also known as GG,  is a blogger, a knitter, a self-proclaimed YarnHo and the brains behind GG has a love for "fat fibers" and all things orange. She has been knitting for less than 10 years and it quick to tell you that knitting saved her life.

GG has a huge and very loyal following on Social Media. GG cares for and nourishes her community, just as much as her community cares for and nourishes her. Over the years, she has created her Fiber Family, her Yarn Community. More than once, her Fiber Family has encouraged her to keep on doing what she is doing. 

Whenever there is some sort of Yarn Event and GG is present, she is continuously stopped. People love to walk up to her to thank her for all that she does, and to take pictures with her. The main reason why they love her so much is that GG is very open and transparent on Social Media. She is an open book for those who follow her as she shows her vulnerability. GG says: "When I go through a difficult time, knitting helps me to work through it. And my community is always there for me."

As for the color orange, GG's all-time favorite color way, she says: "It's a very happy color and it just makes you feel good." 

Q and A with GGmadeit

Who taught you how to knit? Why did you start knitting?

I am self taught! I went to YouTube University hahahahahaaa! I started because we found a kit at work while cleaning out the prize closet and I figured I’d try. 

When did you decide to be prominently present on Social Media?

Oh that was a scary time because I was sure no one would be interested. That started in 2012 when my life fell apart. 

You also have a website and a podcast, what do you mainly write and talk about? 

I need to do better with both, and the answer is whatever I’m currently excited about, which can vary. On the blog and YouTube you will find my FO, WIPs and any places I have discovered. 

Did you ever think that you would generate such a huge following and what do you think attributes to your success? 

I absolutely did not think that would happen. I suffer from low self esteem so I’m prone to think the worst and am always shocked with reality. It still blows my mind that folks are so interested in me and knitting adventures. 

What does the knitting community mean to you? 

This community is an escape, it is safety, it is education and lastly it’s is a bond I never imagined would happen.

What's in store for GGMADEIT in the future? Where do you see yourself in the next few years? 

I have no clue! I would like to learn more about pattern design and make more sweaters. This is the year of the sweater for me.

Where can you find GGmadeit online?

Instagram: @GGMADEIT

Ravelry: GGmadeit


GGMadeit4 - 1.jpg

Lastly, we would like to point out one of GG's latest designs: The Bobble Shrug. Find it on Ravelry!

We hope you can meet and greet GG tonight, March 1 from 6-8pm at Knitty City. See you then!

Mixed Media Artist Amanda Hu

Mixed Media Artist Amanda Hu

We are beyond excited to have Mixed Media Artist Amanda Hu at Knitty City. Amanda Hu will be making her debut at our store this Thursday, February 1st from 6-8pm. We invite you to experience her presentation "A Printmaker's Journey: Yarn Dying and Textile Arts."

Amanda will also be at our store all day Saturday, February 3rd to show us her gorgeous hand dyed yarns. But who is Amanda Hu? Her artist bio reads:

Amanda Hu is a New York based mixed media artist with expertise in textiles, printmaking, papermaking, and book arts. She received her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2013 after receiving her BA from Mount Holyoke College. Amanda's work explores themes of self-examination, remembrance, and family. She focuses on the intersection of meditational weaving and landscape. Her work has recently been exhibited at Albany Public Library, New York; Outlet BK Gallery, New York; David Krut Projects, New York; Kyoto Seika University, Iwakura, Kyoto, Japan; and Find & Form Space, Boston. Amanda Hu has been an artist in residence at Manhattan Graphics Center, I-Park Foundation, and the Textile Arts Center. She is currently teaching at the 92d Street Y Art Center in Manhattan and teaches a variety of workshops throughout cultural institutions in NYC including Japan Society.

After reading Amanda's artist bio, do you now understand why we are beyond excited? We cannot wait for you to meet her and for you to touch and feel her gorgeous hand dyed yarns. We would love for you to know a bit more about Amanda and did a Q and A with her. Enjoy!

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Indie Dyer Yarn Over New York

Indie Dyer Yarn Over New York

Knitty City is excited to welcome Jessie Ksanznak from Yarn Over New York this Saturday, December 16 from 11am-6pm.

Jessie held a presentation earlier this year and we were simply enamored by her happy go lucky energy. Her bold rainbow colors always lift our spirits and we are always curious what fun project Jessie is working on.

To get to know Jessie a little bit, we did a Q and A with her. 

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Indie Dyer AlexCreates

Indie Dyer AlexCreates

Knitty City is excited to once again welcome Fiber Artist and Indie Dyer Alex Reynoso from the Indie brand AlexCreates. Alex will be at the store all Saturday, December 9th from 11am-6pm.

Alex has a lot of fans and we know it's going to be a fun and colorful day having him around. 

If you didn't know already, every Saturday in November and December we have been featuring a different Indie Dyer for our 9 Indie Pop-Up events. Raffle prizes are given away with proceeds going to Heifer International. We are happy to include AlexCreates in our Indie Dyer line up.

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Indie Untangled

Indie Untangled

Knitty City is delighted to welcome the creator of Indie Untangled, Lisa Chamoff,  this coming Thursday, December 7th from 6-8pm. 

You might have heard of this exciting event in the Fall called Indie Untangled. At first quite obscure but now gaining  tremendous momentum, Indie Untangled has been yearly held on the Friday before Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival weekend. 

But what is Indie Untangled exactly? And why has it gained such tremendous momentum over the past years? Come see and meet Lisa and hear the story behind the Indie Untangled phenomena in our yarn industry.

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Indie Dyer Backyard Fiberworks

Indie Dyer Backyard Fiberworks

Knitty City is honored to welcome Indie Dyer Backyard Fiberworks this Saturday, December 2nd from 11am-6pm. The woman behind Backyard Fiberworks is Alice O'Reilly who is originally from the West Coast but now resides in Maryland.

We wanted to get a little bit more acquainted with Alice and send her some questions. It is always so interesting in hearing how somebody becomes an Indie Dyer and what inspires them!

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Indie Dyer Nooch Fiber

Indie Dyer Nooch Fiber

When Indie Dyer Nooch Fibe approached Knitty City back in 2013 with the question to carry their brand, we didn't hesitate. Until this very day, Nooch Fiber has done very well at our shop.

Many a customer fell in love with the vibrant colors of Nooch Fiber, and whenever we get a new shipment in they literally go gaga!

The creators behind Nooch Fiber are Nick and Mariana. They used to be based right around the corner from Knitty City but recently moved across the Hudson River in New Jersey. We are very happy that Nick and Mariana are part of our 9 Indie Pop-Up event and we are excited to welcome them this Saturday, November 25 from 11-6pm.

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Indie Dyer Yoshi and Lucy

Indie Dyer Yoshi and Lucy

Every Saturday in November and December we feature a different Indie Dyer and give away prizes in a raffle with proceeds going to Heifer International. 

New York City native Denise Gronda is next up in our Nine Indie Pop-Up series. Denise started her Indie Dye business called Yoshi and Lucy only a year ago and is based in Brooklyn. We first heard about Yoshi and Lucky through Lisa from Indie Untangled. 

Come see Denise and her beautiful hand dyed yarns this Saturday, November 16 from 11-6pm.

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Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc.

Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc.

Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc. is a non-profit organization which creates fashionable handmade garments to support survivors of domestic violence. 

Sue Rock, a Brooklyn native, founded this non-profit organization in 2005. Sue shines a bright light in the lives of victims of domestic violence, bringing them joy and healing. Often times, survivors of domestic violence leave their abusive relationships with nothing other than the clothes they are wearing. Sue Rock not only provides handmade garments for them, but also teaches them the craft of the needle and textile arts.

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Indie Dyer Hub City Fibers

Indie Dyer Hub City Fibers

For nine Saturdays in November and December, Knitty City will be featuring nine different independent dyers. We will give away prizes in a raffle with proceeds going to Heifer International.

We are excited to welcome Indie Dyer Hub City Fibers to Knitty City this Saturday November 11, from 11-6pm for our Indie Pop-Up Saturdays event.

The woman behind Hub City Fibers is Lillian Peirut. She describes Hub City Fibers:

"Lillian Periut is the founder of Hubcity Fibers, an indie yarn company founded in New Brunswick, NJ. Lillian loves knitting, spinning, and hand dying yarn & fiber.  She discovered the art of knitting at 9, when she visited the public library in her hometown, Little Ferry, NJ, and librarians and town residents had a weekly knitting club. But it wasn't until college that Lillian started to delve into other fiber-related crafts like spinning and dying yarn. HubCity Fiber's color ways are inspired by everyday life, famous paintings, and travels."

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Designer Mara Licole

Designer Mara Licole

We are excited to welcome up and coming designer Mara Licole at Knitty City. Come meet Mara Saturday, October 28 from 2-4pm.  Mara is the woman behind the brand "All That She Knits." Here is what Mara is about in her own words:

"All That She Knits (ATSK) is a creative brand focused on producing engaging and original knitting patterns for hand knitters. My designs reflect my love for handcrafted and artisan quality materials and each design captures my personal style and mood while incorporating elements or trends that I adore. For me, knitting is more than just a hobby - it’s artistic expression, meditation, and a language that connects one knitter to another. Since I first picked up my knitting needles, a few years ago, we’ve been inseparable and that was the beginning of this love story."

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Indie Dyer Once Upon A Corgi

Indie Dyer Once Upon A Corgi

Once Upon A Corgi Handmade is a One Woman, Two Corgi team (The corgis are more yarn protectors than yarn dyers) creating an array of colorways inspired by food, books, and their travels with yarn bases named for the corgis in her life. Gabrielle Gergler started crocheting and knitting at a young age and carried the craft with her into Fine Art and Photography Studies. In 2016 the knitting, spinning and hand dyeing bug hit hard and she turned from film to fiber, taking her piles of freshly dyed skeins and opened up the shop where Once Upon A Corgi Handmade was born.  

Knitty City is happy to welcome Gabrielle Gergler, the indie dyer behind Once Upon A Corgi, as part of a Pre-Rhinebeck event Thursday, October 19. The Once Upon A Corgi trunkshow will be at our store until Sunday, October 22nd.

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Fiber Artist Alexander Reynoso

Fiber Artist Alexander Reynoso

Young Harlem based Fiber Artist Alexander Reynoso knits, crochets, spins and dyes his own yarn. He sells his hand dyed yarns under the name Alex Creates and his work has been coveted by many an Indie Dye Yarn enthusiast.  Alex is a mostly self taught artist, utilizing video tutorials on youtube to his advantage. Come see this talented local artist on Thursday, October 5th from 6-8pm as he tells his remarkable fiber story.

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Buckwheat Bridge

Buckwheat Bridge

We are excited to welcome Sara Healey from Buckwheat Bridge to Knitty City on Saturday, September 23 from 2-4pm. Buckwheat Bridge is a sustainable local Fiber Farm and Mill in the Hudson Valley. They are completely Solar and Wind powered, thus implementing their philosophy of renewable energy. Learn about how Buckwheat Bridge yarn is processed before you buy their gorgeous hand dyed yarns.

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